Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Porkchop and cabbage night!

This is my favorite meal that Dustin makes!  It's ohh soo tasty!! Hope you try it! 

Honey smoked pork chops and cabbage! 

Thick or thin pork chops
head of cabbage
1/2 cup water
one stick of butter
greek and cajun seasoning
red small potatoes 
one onion

First, get your charcoal ready!

Ingredients for cabbage-
Head of cabbage, red potatoes, one onion (can omit if you don't like onion), one stick of butter, greek seasoning, and Cajun seasoning. Not shown, 1/2 cup of water.

Line pan with foil. Cut all the cabbage up, cut potatoes as shown, cut one stick of butter and place all around, season well with the Greek and Cajun seasoning.  Slice onion and place all around.  After all that is done, pour 1/2 cup of water over.  Cover with foil and place on grill. Will take about 2 hours at 375 on the grill for cabbage and potatoes to be tender. 

Here the charcoal is ready, and he added some hickory wood for a smoky flavor.  MMMMM!! 

Now, it's time for the pork chops! We got both thick and thin chops. You can get whichever you prefer. Season well with cajun seasoning. 

Put chops on grill with cabbage.  Chops will take about 30-45 minutes to cook.  When they are almost done, (here is the best part), bring your honey out! Coat generously all over chops and continue to grill for 5-10 minutes.  The honey mixed with the Cajun seasoning is soooo good!! After chops are finished, check cabbage to make sure it's ready.


Let me know if you try this and you like it!  Or if you did anything different to the recipe! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our Kitchen!!

My husband and I have done a lot in our kitchen.  I would see things and think, oh my!  I have to have that.  Then it turns out, I really didn't like it in the first place! Ever done that? Anyway, I think I am finally happy with the way it looks.  For now anyway :) The first pics are what it used to look like before we stained the cabinets, flooring, etc. Hope you like it!

Sanding, cleaning, preparing for the stain.  My sis Brittany was a big help in this process!

SOOO many doors! Didn't think it would ever end!

After the staining was finished.  

Then it looked like this-

And the way it is now-

Jax wanted his pic taken:)

Maxwell lounging-

Most of the accessories were bought at antique shops, overstock, target, etc.

Thanks for looking! 

Monday, March 5, 2012

New website!!

Ive been pretty busy this afternoon! Finally got the website up and going! Still lots of things I wanna put on there, but Im only one woman! Haha! Anyway, if you have time, go check it out.

Amorrow, (as my nephew Jaxon says), I will be posting some pics of our home. And, it's porkchop and cabbage night! Oh yeah! See yall tomorrow!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Meet my family :)

Thought I would add another post.  Kinda a "meet our family" kinda thing.  

Our favorite place to go
Vegas Baby!

Dustin holding Maycie Moo Moo

Marvin when he was a kitten


Dust working on yet another project 
(I have already re-painted the desk!)

I will be posting more pics soon of our home.  I should have started this a long long time ago!! 

Hello new beginnings:)

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by!  I am new at this whole blogging thing, so bear with me! Ha!  Like I said in my profile, I love almost everything!  But I really love home decorating and home projects.  My husband, Dustin, is awesome and can do anything! Seriously.  Anything he wants to do, he can do it.  I can draw a sketch of something and he can build it. We love spending time together and we are usually working on a home project! We bought our little brick home five years ago and have tackled ALMOST every room.  Notice how almost is in all caps? We still have a few rooms left to do.   But, I dont think its ever really done, is it?? So that being said, I hope you follow us on our journey!! Thanks again for stopping by!

ps- If anyone has any tips for a newbie blogger, please dont hesitate to inform me :)